07 Jan, 2023

Nursery Practitioner Full Time or Part Time

  • Little Green Man Day Nursery
  • Leytonstone, London, UK
Full or Part Time Qualified Practitioner

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  • The salary for our Nursery Practitioners is £21,605 (£10.40ph) over 23 and £20,940 (£10.07) under 23 for full time and £16,270 (£10.43) and £15,770 (£10.11) for part time, including full bonus.

Are You - great at giving cuddles, experienced at wiping noses, silly when reading stories, happy to sing out loud (in or out of tune) and fun whilst flying the children on the rug around the room and over the treetops.

If so please read on:-

We are a fairly large nursery with an excellent local reputation and we work hard to maintain the quality of our operation.

We try to provide good staff facilities and working conditions and you will find the Owners or Managers always on the premises with an open door to you.


We operate a generous bonus scheme which allows a Nursery Practitioner to increase their salary by up to £1850.00 pa (full time) or £1450 pa (part time), just by coming to work regularly (Included in the salary quoted).

We also offer:-

  • An additional day off on your Birthday
  • A "Taste" card which gets you discounts in Restaurants/take-aways, cinemas, streaming, retail (including online), supermarkets, attractions and hotels.
  • Subsidised lunches, in the Nursery
  • First uniform free
  • Staff introduction bonus of £500.00

There is continuous training given and we support, encourage, and facilitate your continued professional development, particularly to upgrade to level 3 if you are only level 2. All our staff are first aid qualified the training for which we supply. Many of our staff have worked for us for many years, some developing a career, some happier to stay within the room, so whatever you are looking for, we can probably satisfy you. We have around 100 children per day and 50 staff so there are opportunities for either path.


First of all, we hope you will be happy, excited and stimulated coming to work. Naturally for the position of Nursery Practitioner, you will have at least an NVQ 2 or equivalent and a thorough working knowledge of the EYFS. If English is not your first language (and even if it is) we will want you to have a good grasp of the written and spoken language in order to communicate well with children, parents and staff as well as be able to write adequate observations and reports etc.

What's more important, we will be looking for a genuine caring attitude from enthusiastic and reliable people who have a desire to work with children and who enjoy their interaction. You will also need to be a team player, able to take direction, yet also able to be self-motivated and work on your own initiative and contribute to the planning.

For those seeking a part time position, we need our part time staff to be flexible so that they are able to cover other staff as necessary. That's the whole point, so although you will be working mornings or afternoons, you must be able to swap. If that is not possible, please do not apply. This flexibility will be a condition of your employment. You will also be offered extra hours from time to time and although that is not a condition, we need people able to help us out when needed.

The normal week will:-

Full Time - 8-6 with an hour for lunch 4 days plus one half day.

Part Time - Either 5 mornings 8-2 or 5 afternoons 12-6.

The Salary for our Nursery Practitioners is £9.50 ph for over 23’s and £9.18 ph for under 23’s PLUS the monthly bonus. If the full bonus is earned for the year that is equivalent to £10.40ph and £10.07 respectively for full time and £10.43 and £10.11 for part time.

If this all sounds like you, come and take care of our children whilst we take care of you.

To apply for this job please ensure you can answer "YES" to these questions:-

Do you have an appropriate CHILDCARE qualification of Level 2 or above?

Do you live within 1 hours travel time from Leytonstone E11.?

Are you familiar with the E.Y.F.S.?

If applying for the part time post, are you able to do some shifts both a.m. and p.m.


£21,605 (£10.40ph) over 23 and £20,940 (£10.07) under 23 full time £16,270 (£10.43) and £15,770 (£10.11) part time, including full bonus.


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