08 Sep, 2021

Butler in London, Kensington

  • English Nanny
  • Kensington, London, UK
Full time Assistant

Job Details

Ref. N 20668 / Butler in London, Kensington

JOB TITLE : Butler  

LANGUAGE : English

SALARY : GBP 45000 per a year

SCHEDULE : permanent. full time, 3 days on \3 days off, up to 60 hours a week

Start of the contract: asap


The Butler is required for Russian family in London, Kensington.

Additional information about the house is discussed during the interview.

The family has 2 butlers on a 3-day schedule every 3 days. The family is looking for a third butler to distribute the right workload for the staff. Theку is housemanager.


Relevant work experience, references.

The highest level of discretion is required for this role.

Only candidates with legal right to live and work in the UK will be considered.

DUTIES : · Providing excellent service and maintenance. Attention to detail. Effective fulfillment of all the wishes of the employer;


· Teaching the staff of the house to first-class service and creating a comfortable environment in the house;


· Meeting and escorting the Employer and family members, opening the car door, warm welcome. Control of the presence of water, drinks, napkins, fresh press, working documents, briefcase, wardrobe trunk with change of clothes, etc in the car;


· Meeting and placing guests in the house, fulfilling all kinds of orders of the guests of the Family;


· Packing/Unpacking;


· Organization of the wardrobe in the dressing rooms together with the maid. Control of  hanging of clothes. Control of the availability of hospitality items in the bathroom;


· Shoe shine. Glassage;


· Dry cleaning, tailor. Control of the presence of accessories on clothes;


· On-site restaurant reservations, personal shopping for the family, control of VAT refunds for purchases;


· Help with luggage, bags from shops;


· Selection of personal trainers, schools, clinics for the employer and his Family;


· Monitoring medication intake, making an appointment with a hairdresser, masseur, doctor, etc .;


· Floristics. Drawing up bouquets in the house;


· Control of wine stocks. Inventory, accounting, purchase;


· Cleaning of porcelain, crystal and silver;


· Daily serving breakfast, business lunches and family dinners;


· Control of the cook's work: coordination of the menu, control of the use of products, taking into account the wishes and preferences of the Family, control of the preparation of dishes, taking into account the diet of each member of the Family. Control over the purchase of food and beverages, Control over the use of product labeling and wearing uniforms;


· Serving tea and coffee tables, serving and presentation of wine, champagne, spirits. Decantation and aeration;


· Service in rooms using a tray;


· Organization of holidays. Table setting, menu design, service, planning and preparation for the holiday. Compliance with high standards of hospitality. Coordination of the menu, wine list;


·        Guests service. Control, fulfillment of all wishes and expectations. Warm welcome and goodbye to guests, seating control;


· Control of compliance by personnel with standards of conduct, appearance, professional style;


· Solving various unofficial problems of the employer;


· Accompanying the employer on trips possibly/ occasionally;


· Organization of all personnel traveling with the Family, baggage control, organization of transfers, drivers;

· Control over the readiness of the facility for the arrival of the Family and guests, control over the standards of staff appearance, behavior and service, in the absence of the house manager, control over the vehicle fleet and drivers. Control of cleanliness in the house;

help a housekeeper in difficult work (washing chandeliers / windows and other work)

supervise construction / repair works if entrusted by the house manager



LOCATION : Kensington, London


GBP 45 000 per a year

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