01 Jun, 2020

Experienced and fun British governess for a girl 3,3 years old and a girl 5 months old

  • English Nanny
  • Moscow, Russia
Full time Teaching

Job Details

A young, flexible and fair family, who loves to do things quickly and efficiently, is looking for a British governess for a girl 3,3 years old and a girl 5 months old (the main focus is on the oldest girl).
• Female candidates, without bad habits;
• Under 35 years old;
•  The governess should be flexible and organized (be prepared for travel on a short notice)
• Only British candidates (without accent) with a pedagogical or linguistic education;
• Personal qualities: active, positive, interesting, kind, caring;
• Must have a CRB certificate;
• Must have a medical examination, be disease free (including corona virus test);
•  Have a British passport valid for at least a year;
• Teaching English through games and communication (not to speak children's language with the child)
• Choosing games and diverse activities for the child,
•  Development of language skills (writing, reading, speaking). Communication with the child and his parents in English;
• Teaching good manners, discipline, and initial installation of moral principles and values;
•  Accompanying the child to classes;
• Walking with a child;
•  Feeding the child;
• In a family there are 2 girls - a girl 3,3 years old and a girl 5 months old, it is required to spend 6 hours with the older girl and 2 hours with the youngest so that she also gets used to the language;
• At least one work of art must be prepared, suitable for age;
• Pay attention to the interests of the child (likes / dislikes, including toys, food, etc.), daily inform parents about this;
•  Keep parents updated on the events of the day, inform them as soon as possible if the child is injured or something is wrong with health and well-being;
• Be open to changes and advice from the mother regarding the work, as well as speak openly, give advice on things necessary for the child (new books, music, toys, etc.);
• The family is honest and open with their children, so they ask the governess to do the same (for example: if they promise something, they do it)
SCHEDULE: 5 days on , 2 days off, 8 hours a day (flexible start of the working day)
in connection with the pandemic, the family can also consider part-time job, but ideally they would like 8 hours a day
START OF THE JOB: from July-August, depending on the opening of borders


salary is negotiable

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