12 May, 2020

English or French or Chinese nanny

  • English Nanny
  • Moscow, Russia
Full time Teaching

Job Details

English or French or Chinese nanny for 18 months old child The family considers candidates who reside in Moscow or abroad from June

SCHEDULE: 2 weeks on\ 2 weeks off, unfixed hours a day 12 h-24h hours a day  or 5 days week depending on sitution with quarantine period

REQUIREMENTS: experience in childcare as a governess for private families , female candidates are considered, 30+ years old It is needed that candidates has experience in development of children from 1 years oldIt is very important for the family that a governess can travel for 2 months from June with  the family to  MaldivesDUTIES: full care (feeding, diapering, nap times), bathing and dressing the child, assisting with language acquisition and development, providing developmentally appropriate educational games, teaching manners and other socially appropriate behavior, doing arts and crafts It is very important for the family that the nanny has a teaching programme for the child according to the age and follows it (to learn numbers, colours, motor skills, etc). The child starts the day by listening to the music and then it is required to do learning activities with the child, arrange discussions, etc., and work in collaboration with Russian nanny.

ACCOMMODATION: negotiable 

SALARY: Salary is negotiable

LOCATION: Moscow, Mosfil’movskaya ulitsa and MaldivesThe family will travel to Maldives  and they ar planning to stay there for 2 months from june


salary is negotiable

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