Krakatoa Preschool

Krakatoa Pre-School is OFSTED approved and inspected, and at the last inspection was rated “good”.  We are members of the Pre-School Learning Alliance (PLA) and have PLA accreditation. Krakatoa follows the educational and developmental guidelines as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). 

The pre-school is run by a volunteer management committee of parents and local residents who employ a supervisor and staff to run the pre-school on their behalf.  Staff members are friendly, approachable, and passionate about providing a positive learning experience for pre-school children.

In accordance with Pre-School Learning Alliance guidelines and Charity Commission registration, Krakatoa Pre-School charity has an elected committee of between 3 and 12 volunteers, at minimum consisting of the posts of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  All parents are invited to attend the AGM to elect these posts.

Krakatoa Pre-School considers the care and education of children to be a partnership between parents and staff.  We are committed to creating and maintaining great relationships with parents in order to share information about their children’s needs, interests and progress.  Parents are also encouraged to get involved with the pre-school in a number of ways, for example through supporting fundraising activities or becoming members of the management committee.