Woodlands Nursery

Woodlands Nursery is a warm and welcoming space for children aged 1-4 years old.

We use the great outdoors to encourage child led learning in our purpose-built nursery at Kersey Mill, Hadleigh.

Woodlands Nursery is a newly built, timber-framed design with 3 open classroom layouts. We had the nursery furniture and layouts designed by community play so that it features areas for science and discovery, a literacy area that supports mark making/art and design, maths shelves with exciting and approachable games plus construction and small world play areas, kitchen role play as well as sand and water tables. A spacious outdoor area offers plenty of learning opportunities and we have forest school sessions built into a weekly routine for both inside and outside our garden. A park on our doorstep means we get out to explore the grounds frequently.

Woodlands Nursery is open five days a week, 8am – 4.30/5:30pm, offering excellent and flexible childcare. The nursery is term time only, however we run a permanent holiday club to offer childcare to those who require it. We have three rooms, 1-2, 2-3 & 3-4.

We pride ourselves on having a strong, pro-active and experienced workforce and as a result staff are well supported and the nursery is a joy to work in.