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Dipont Education is at the forefront of changing the way education is thought about and delivered in China. Driven by its mission to provide quality education that equips young people for success, Dipont has been a pioneer in the development and localization of international education since the 1990s.

Years of exploration, partnered with experimentation, have given Dipont a rich insight into China’s K–12 educational landscape, and a unique and innovative approach.

Through establishing and managing schools with elite Chinese and international partners, Dipont has built a strong reputation for its ability to balance eastern and western educational philosophies.

In the years to come, Dipont will continue to offer quality international programs, engage partners and stakeholders in meaningful dialogue about education, and ultimately, drive positive changes in China’s K–12 sector.

Are you an early years educator who believes in guiding children to see that their contributions of thoughts, theories and views can make sense of and shape their world? Dipont Huayao Collegiate School Kunshan  is seeking an Early Years Teacher to join its diverse, enthusiastic and highly supportive community of teachers, working in a beautifully appointed and state of the art campus.​ Background The kindergarten at Huayao Collegiate is an innovative hub of outstanding early childhood practice for children aged 2 to 6. It is grounded in evidence-based theories of education using an international curriculum framework fusing Chinese and Western pedagogical approaches. About the school Facilities The purpose-built preschool at Huayao Collegiate is well-provisioned, calming and beautiful, designed placing equal importance on indoor and outdoor learning environments. Culture A strong sense of culture and...
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