Forrest Nurseries
  • Essex, UK
  • Leaping Lilies Day Nursery (Brentwood)
  • Clever Cloggs Day Nursery (Takeley)
  • Holly Trees Day Nursery (Witham)
  • Beaulieu Park Day Nursery (Chelmsford)

Forrest Nurseries is home to a dynamic and passionate professional team that actively seeks to provide a caring and nurturing environment where all children can thrive and grow.

We believe that every member of staff is an individual, with unique gifts, visions, experiences, and skills which we welcome on board to help shape and evolve our culture and environment.

Our nurseries have been specifically designed to blend traditional qualified teaching practice with key identifiers in the Development Matters: EYFS curriculum. To facilitate this, we have upgraded our technology and systems in line with and beyond sector standards, making us a group for the future! 

We are up to date with ever-changing technologies that enable remote access to learning, training, monitoring, management/ staff meetings, parent interactions/ partnerships and child tracking and monitoring interfaces.

As our core systems, we currently operate 

  • Tapestry
  • Parenta: Abacus
  • MS Teams