A small brook meanders and gently flows near to the site where Littlebrook was first established in 1998. Our director, Sunita Arora, was drawn to this small stream many years ago.  There is something magical about a brook; it is gentle enough for children to paddle in, yet it continuously flows until it becomes stronger and finds its way to a river, and eventually, the sea. 

In many ways, we see Littlebrook with the same outlook. We are always in the moment with the children, enjoying being in the present and watching the joy that comes from playing and exploring. We are also mindful that these moments are flowing seamlessly onwards while they grow and develop, as they too continue their journey - much like the little brook that gently and swiftly flows towards the river.

Littlebrook Nursery began in 1998 at Sipson (West Drayton) and since then we have grown substantially across the local area forming two more nurseries: Longford (Heathrow) in 2007 and Oaklands (Egham) in 2016. Across all three sites we demonstrate the same high standards and ethos, ensuring every child is cared for, nurtured and feels happy and relaxed. Our staff work positively alongside one another. We have a range of staff that are Level 2 and 3 nursery Practitioners with Early Years Experience, as well as Qualified Teaching Staff. At Littlebrook, we offer individuals the chance to build on their careers by learning and training at our nurseries alongside our experienced members of staff.

Security is very important to us at Littlebrook and we have systems in place for the safe arrival and departure of children. We record all times of arrivals and departures and our access doors are kept secure to prevent any unauthorized access to our premises. All visitors are identified by the manager before accessing the property. Our focus on safety and security is always at the forefront of our minds so you can have complete peace of mind that your child will be safe and secure in their environment.