Fellowship House Children's Centre
  • Private Daycare Nursery (Chary run) operates 51 weeks per year. 
  • Opening hours are 7.45 am - 6.15 pm.
  • Located in a multicultural area with diverse staff and children from around the world. 
  • Affordable childcare prices for our parents with excellent service. 
  • Staff benefits such as discounts, sick pay, holidays and pension scheme. 
  • Well paid salary for staff
  • Warm and friendly environment.

12 Jan, 2022  
Full-time practitioner working 40 hours a week. Monday to Friday working 4 days with 1 alternate day off in the week. Working hours are 7.30 am - 6.30 pm with a 1-hour lunch break. The position entails you providing high-quality care and education for children aged 6 months – 5 years ensuring a child-centred environment where children are looked after in a safe, caring and stimulating way, ensuring their individual needs are met within a group setting. To promote a solid foundation of good practice and knowledge of the EYFS 2021. To work as a valued member of the nursery team maintaining a professional relationship between you, staff and parents at all times. To adhere to all policies and procedures of the nursery at all times.  You are required to have a recognised level 2 or 3 qualifications in Childcare Have full knowledge of the current EYFS Have sufficient knowledge on safeguarding Have sound knowledge of health and safety issues
Fellowship House Children's Centre Saint Bartholomew's Road, London E6 3AG, UK Full time