Parsons Green Nursery

Parson’s Green Nursery is an independent Nursery dedicated to providing individual care and education for children. We pride ourselves on our family orientated environment in which parents are involved every step of the way. We aim to provide a warm and nurturing environment in which each child can flourish and reach their full potential. We endeavour to support every child in our care in order to ensure they achieve their utmost, develop confidence in their own abilities and a lifetime love of learning.

We recognise the importance of good manners and respect for others and believe this enables our children to be well prepared for life outside the Nursery environment. We are dedicated to providing the children in our care with a strong foundation for life, and believe that a quality Early Years education provides children with the best opportunity to achieve their full potential both while at the Nursery and in the future.  

During the Early Years children grow, develop and learn more rapidly that at any other time of their lives. We firmly believe that, by paying close attention to what the children tell and show us, we are able to gain extraordinary insights into the minds and development of each child. Although during this stage of development gifts and talents may be transitory, it is clear that by focusing on the child’s strengths, passions and interests as they emerge, our teachers can develop an insight into that child’s potential and ensure that appropriate activities are planned in order to foster and celebrate these abilities. Younger children often have sophisticated cognitive skills and creativity which very frequently go unnoticed, it is only by being aware of this that we can ensure each child is catered for appropriately and in so doing foster a love of learning and shape their educational experiences for years to come. It is this kind of attention to detail, that we believe sets us apart from other local pre-schools.

Parson’s Green Nursery challenges the deterministic view that some children are born more or less able and instead focuses on nurturing and developing the individual talents inherent in each child. We believe it is this approach that fosters self-belief in every child allowing them to develop into self-confident and competent young people. We reject the traditional notion of success, that getting something right is more important than attempting something new, and so encourage and reward children’s willingness to try new things, to question their knowledge and abilities and more importantly to feel pride in their attempts and develop an ability to learn from their failures. This approach allows children to understand and recognize their true potential, develop an analytical mind and build the confidence needed in order to be able to make their own decisions and judgements.

Our Nursery environment is calm and nurturing, the children’s happiness is our always number one priority and so we never put pressure on the children to engage in activities. We adopt a traditional philosophy, and foster a homely atmosphere, as we believe that this will enable children to develop a sense of security and allow them to excel in all areas of their development.


  • At Parson's Green Nursery we continually strive to create a warm and nurturing environment in which children feel physically and emotionally safe.

  • To create a homely atmosphere in which all staff know all children, and every child’s individual needs are accepted, valued and met in order to support each child in reaching their full potential.

  • To instil in children a lifetime love of learning.

  • To provide children with unique and exciting activities and experiences which promote development in all areas of learning.

  • To encourage a freedom of expression within a well-prepared and stimulating environment.

  • To develop a close and supportive relationship with parents to ensure that we work together to met the needs of all children.

  • To support children in developing confidence in their own abilities.

  • To ensure our nursery community works within a framework that promotes equal opportunity regardless of religion, size, ability, gender, culture, age, sex, and disability.


At Parson's Green Nursery we know and value the importance nursery education in its own right and not just in preparation for School. We strive to ensure that no child is left behind, to create a warm and nurturing environment in which each child can flourish, develop a life long love of learning and reach their full potential.


To Provide consistently exceptional standards of care and education for every child in our setting. To ensure a sustained capacity for continuous improvement through a committed and enthusiastic leadership team, which supports all staff to improve outcomes for children.