Enchanted Wood Day Nursery

We are passionately committed to ensuring that we  provide a nurturing, inspirational, stimulating and secure environment for every child at The Enchanted Wood Day Nursery.

We aspire to be a positive contribution to the lives of all our children and their families regardless of their religion, ethnic or cultural background or any individual additional needs.  Providing opportunities for all children to make excellent individual progress in relation to their starting points in the seven areas of learning, giving each child the confidence they need to grow, explore, show curiosity and sharing experiences with their peers. This is vital in preparing them for primary school or the next stage in their learning.

The first five years in a child's life are crucial in setting the foundations for their future. It is paramount that the children in our care feel safe, secure and happy.

At The Enchanted Wood the children learn through many different types of play and gain an insight into the world in which we live. All our Early Years Practitioners are dedicated to ensuring that strong partnerships are formed with all families. Together as a team built with healthy parenting and high quality learning we can provide the foundation children need to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow and develop. During their time at our Nursery the children experience social interaction with others, develop encouraging friendships and future life skills.