Handkerchief Day Nursery

We place high expectations on ourselves to provide an environment where children are supported, listened to and above all, respected. Our environment facilitates, nurtures and encourages a wide range of experiences that ensure all of our children feel a sense of belonging at Handkerchief Day Nursery. We understand that the environment is key - it is where all of the fun stuff happens. More than that it's where children can explore, take risks and get the opportunities to build their first friendships. It's a place where our children feel safe, yet also challenged. Whether it's the first time a child jumps on the trampoline or takes on a messy activity, we want them to feel supported and celebrated in equal measure.

The well-being and care of our children goes hand in hand with the well-being and care of our staff team. We’re as passionate about staff development as we are about child development. The relationships children form with our staff are absolutely fundamental to the success of our nursery. It’s the thread that holds everything together.

It's holding hands, giving hugs and cheering each other on. Our children form healthy attachments that are built on warmth, affection and companionship. How do we demonstrate this to our children you may ask? It’s really quite simple. The gentle touch of wiping a child’s nose, the time taken to change a nappy, or even those quieter moments of giving a bottle to a baby. It’s in everything we do.