Alexandra Park Children´s Learning Community

Situated in South Manchester, we are an innovative bilingual learning community where children learn both in English and Spanish. We provide an alternative and flexible education for children from 3 months to 11 years of
We follow a Reggio Emilia based education, a world-wide recognised approach to learning that started almost 70 years ago in the Reggio Emilia region in the North of Italy. 

We are a unique small and friendly learning community where everyone recognises each other, and feels personally valued, with a cohesive, relaxed feel, like a large, extended family. 


The centre engages with each child as an individual. Children are supported to learn at their own pace and in their own ways.

Children’s views and feelings are taken seriously and understood to be fundamental to well-being and their ability to learn.

Children are actively involved in all the major decision making that is relevant and meaningful to them, especially in relation to their learning, their environment and their relationships.

Food prepared by the centre is healthy and nutritious. We are a pro vegetarian centre and prepare food using 'home grown' organic ingredients (when possible).

The centre works to develop ecological understanding and aims for best practice in its actions.

The centre fosters connections with local residents, businesses and institutions.

Children at our learning community spend a high proportion of their time outdoors, making maximum use of Alexandra Park which is less than a minutes’ walk away. Special effort is made so that, even though we are based in an urban environment, we have regular, normal interaction with the natural world in all its variety.