Nannynou is a flourishing nanny agency in Paris. We specialise in employing Anglophone nannies, and pairing them with French families in Paris & Ile de France. This is more than just a babysitting job, as you will be helping children discover English through everyday use and play, contributing to their development and helping them to get the best start early in life.

We offer a flexible range of schedules ranging from 8 to 40 hours per week. Some of our positions come with optional furnished accommodation, this accommodation is always within central Paris, separate from the family you work with and usually shared with another nanny from the UK as part of your salary package. However, if you already have your own place, we can still offer a range of opportunities with a competitive salary. 

There are no agency fees because our nannies are directly employed by us. This also means that we help deal with any issues that may arise between nannies and families and do our best to ensure everyone has a wonderful time whilst with us. 

We provide a support network that helps you to get set-up in Paris, and further your stay, if you wish to continue with us.