globegarden is a Swiss family business. We are a leading provider of early education and preschools, employer-sponsored child care, back-up care, educational advisory services and other work/life solutions.

globegarden was founded about 10 years ago by three women, who found too few child-orientated, qualitative and professional childcare offerings at the time. As passionate working mums with 6 children – twins among them – the founders and managing directors strive for quality childcare and work/life solutions.

globegarden has a diverse offering ranging from traditional community centers or nature & forest childcare centers to modern, innovative city childcare centers or else employer sponsored or on site centers.

Switzerland is a country of many languages – with alone four national languages. This is why many globegarden centers are bilingual. A cultural understanding for each other and equality of chances in live is what is at the heart of what globegarden stand for – not only in the corporate culture but especially regarding the education of the children who are in our care.

As a sustainable family business globegarden is ever so proud of our many working mums in our childcare teams and administration, just as well as over 100 young and talented apprentices, with who we happily invest in the future. As a family-orientated and family-owned company, training, encouraging and developing employees to grow above and beyond themselves is at the heart of what we do.

From mums to mums and families: The Swiss female organizations («Frauenvereine») of the 19th and 20th century have so to say invented childcare in Switzerland, have made it possible, operated it successfully and sustainably over many hundreds of years. Times have surely changed a bit nowadays, the forms of organizations might have as well, however a deep wish in women to engage for other women and children is still instilled in many of us.

We are more than proud, that globegarden is part of the future with soon about 2'000 children in our care.