The Windsor Early Years Nursery

The Windsor Early Years Nursery is a unique British ’boutique’ nursery setting. We believe every child is important and more importantly each child is an individual welcomed into an 'All Inclusive' environment where we place children at the heart of all we do. Our goal at the setting is to provide the gentle care of supportive hands to nurture young people into healthy, bright and vibrant individuals creating 'Spark' opportunities and moments for every child in our care.

Our emphasis is on recognising the unique characteristics of each child and using this as their foundation for development.

Our bright, inspiring, safe, learning environment allows a child to explore, discover and invent every day investigating new adventures – supporting and preparing a child for a life time of learning.

We promote an intelligent approach to childcare, looking at children from all angles supporting and encouraging the daily challenges faced by each and every child. Our learning approach allows children to learn from a variety of experiences, in a structured environment, providing them with an environment with unbound challenges.

Our team of dedicated early years educators pride their practices on providing parents with the very best educational start for their children.