Child's Play Nursery

Child’s Play Nursery opened as a family run setting in 1986. 

We are open each weekday, all year round from 8am to 6pm (with the exception of bank holidays and one week between christmas day and New Years day).  We accept a maximum of twenty five children per day, between two and five years of age and support children with special educational needs and/or disabilities and children who are learning English as an additional language.

Aims of the nursery.

We are passionate about ensuring that all of our children are happy, meeting milestones, enjoying challenges and learning to work together. We strive to provide an environment in which children cannot learn to fail, or fail to learn.

We are committed to ensuring excellence in all we do: to exceed government minimum standards for children, staff and families through a flexible, open and holistic approach, based on the needs and wishes of each individual.

We aim to work seamlessly with our children’s families, enabling us to introduce each child to a variety of experiences which build on the skills, knowledge and attitudes that they have already learned – providing a firm foundation for future learning, striving as one for the best possible start in life for children.

Our goal is that all children leaving the nursery will have acquired an enthusiasm for new knowledge and experiences, coupled with a firm belief in their own ability and self worth. This will enable them to become confident, motivated lifelong learners who have the opportunity to achieve their individual potential.