BeBright Bunnies

BeBright Projects

Believing the world needs creative, flexible, open hearts and minds to create sustainable, happy futures, we put experiential learning opportunities into the heart of communities.

Exploration, freedom and fun sit at the core of BeBright. We know learning through playing and doing ­ kinesthetic learning ­ is really powerful. Our offer is built on robust evidence and a belief that we can build a better, fairer, more agile and adaptive world by opening our hearts and minds to different thinking. In learning this way we can create and develop better relationships ­ with ourselves and others. 

BeBright Bunnies

BeBright Bunnies offers a safe, creative environment for young children to learn and staff to thrive. Committed to developing children and adults alike, BeBright Bunnies puts the wellbeing of all its people ­ young and old ­ first and foremost. BeBright Bunnies is all about giving space and opportunity for children to excel at what they do best ­ play, learn and grow.  We invest in our people and are as committed to their learning and development as we are to the children’s ­ that way we know your children will always experience a loving, fun, happy environment where learning is an adventure and they are their own captains.


BeBright Training Centre

Inspired by the natural way young children learn through playing and ‘doing’, the BeBright Training Centre offers a creative, practical learning environment for local business people to hone their skills and confidence. We build self-esteem and help people take responsibility for their life­long learning and development. Located in the heart of communities, we support local networks and help build meaningful connections between businesses. We understand that time on ‘training’ can feel like time away from ‘the business’. We make sure every second counts ­ offering a powerful, accelerated learning environment that will easily translate back into the day to day running of a successful business.